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Username: CosmicDragon
Gender: Genderflux
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 10:42 am

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~ Blood moon rising in a sky of black dust, ~
~ Tell me baby, who do you trust? ~

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    • That it is! So I guess I'm just gonna mess around with my Feathers now, hehe.

      And sounds perfect! Just accepted the trade. :3

    • No worries at all!

      You know, it's ironic indeed yet I actually had exactly that happen. I'll go ahead and send over a trade - thanks again!

    • Sounds great, thanks!

      I think you have to complete the trade by the way.

    • Is it alright if I accept the trade btw? I'm not 100% if that's alright, so I wanna check in. ^^

    • I'm seeing a theme so far with this series:

      "Water is dangerous"

      Episode 1, there was a water-like monster that tried to consume people.
      Episode 2, the farm inside the building was using ground up humans as water/fertilizer.
      Episode 3, there was a terrifying monster under the water...

    • How many episodes have you seen?
      I wanted to mention something but I don't wanna spoil anything! >u<

    • I can't get over your signature.

      Have you seen the new season?

    • lmAO thank ya !! ;v;

    • Thank you for the trade! c:

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