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User ID: #63762
Username: ShinobiPika
Gender: Male
Last Online: 25 Mar 2020, 1:20 pm
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 12:36 pm

Profile description

You can call me Pika or Shinobi either one works if you don't want to call me by my full username. I am currently trying out he/him pronouns so please be patient with me as I'm not really use to them yet.

I love theatre. My favorite plays are The Normal Heart, Hamilton, Wicked, and Heathers the musical, I plan on being a famous actor (hopefully in film) one day.

I'm on Deviantart as Shinobipika65 :3

I'm also on Tumblr, YouTube, and Furaffinity as ShinobiPika.

I'm a huge Captain America fan.

The Tuxedo cat plush in my gallery​ is really special to me because it is a reminder of my kitten Squirt who died on 10/11/17 at 3 weeks old. Thank you ShiraTheFox for giving me this plush.

And I will always proudly represent Troupe 4428.


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    • Thank you!! Did you save the image?

    • Whoops I'm sorry! I thought that Barbara was uncommon since I had 10 of them....

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Enjoy fera!

    • I'm thank you so much! It'll def help a lot;; ♡

    • Awesome ! No problem ^^

    • I'm not sure if you meant to send 5 trades but I accepted all of them? Maybe furvilla just being buggy lol

    • Aww thanks so much for the pets ^^

    • Thank you! ^_^

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