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Username: SteamedHams
Gender: Female
Last Online: 31 Mar 2020, 2:43 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:47 pm

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    • *waves* Hi! Still waiting on Monet! :)

    • Thankyou! And yes ofc, I'm honoured that you think it's good enough to be displayed with her amazing art ;w; ♡

    • Imoku
      Ofc!! I'd love to add the image to disney's th too if that's okay with you! (+ with credit ofc!)

    • aaa that's really sweet of you to offer but hopefully it will get some interest soon! ;w; I think it's a really nice idea and I enjoyed taking part either way, so even if it doesnt take off then you don't have to. <3
      Btw, would it be okay if I added the pic to Ryden's TH? I will credit you as Disney's owner ofc!

    • Imoku
      Jeez I really hope the thread catches on! If not I'll totally draw one of your OCs so you didn't waste your time!! <3

    • It's done! ^_^ I hope this thread catches on, I really enjoyed that~ Disney is such a cutie! ♡

    • Thankyou~☆ I'll edit my post in the thread when it's finished. ^_^

    • Hallo! Is traditional okay for the 'draw your OC with an OC from the person above you' thread? :3

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