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    • Aaa that's so sweet of you to say! ;A; I honestly mean to look up what people tend to do with the other features of TH like literature and worlds and such sjdkdk

    • You did such a gorgeous job ;u; And thank you for saying so! She is one of my favourite characters so that's so nice to hear ;u;

    • Thank you for drawing Applewood on the thread, I love how you drew her! <3

    • Thank you so much! :ะท

    • aww thats so sweet of you!! that made my day so much better, thanks so much! <3

    • omg!! are you sure you want to give me the rainbow sheepies? i really appreciate it and thats so nice of you! someone else gave me some already, so if you want them back i totally understand! :3

    • Thank you so much! ;v;

    • Hello~ I have mostly three different things to say, I believe, hopefully I'm not being a bother!
      1. Holy cow, all of your critters look so lovely! I went through a few of them, mostly the ones that say NFS, and I loved both their art/design as well as the personalities you had for them!
      2. I also saw the toyhouse code thing, and was wondering if you were giving them out still? If you aren't, that's totally fine of course, and I'm sorry to ask!
      3. I'm not sure if you frequent this site much anymore or anything, but I hope you have an absolutely amazing day!!!

    • hello there, I wanted to know if it would still be possible to get a toyhouse code, if not I'm sorry for bothering you!

    • Hi there, I heard you give out free Toyhou.se codes. Do you still do this, or am I just hearing things?

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