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sake | 27
please engage accordingly

Happy to share further contact info for;
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    • Thanks for the tip earlier. I am on mobile or I would quote. I might actually get somewhere with this event!

    • Thanks a lot ^u^

    • haha thank you, I love the site! hooked since day one (which is not that long ago) At the moment I need one more water logged driftwood for the basic rudder, so if you fins one that would be awesome OuO.

    • If you can not find something again, just ask I might have it and take this event a little easy and am not going for the most points or anything. since it is my first one ^u^ i am +7 server time so might not respond sometimes ( or be online)

    • Good luck collecting for your ship ~.0

    • I've tried it a few times and my warrior hasn't been able to win.

    • I noticed you have some Diamond Rings on your Stall. Would you be willing to tell me where you found them?

    • Thanks for your purchases!

    • Thanks so much! :'D Hopefully I can sell my stuff quickly.

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