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User ID: #6479
Username: Pokemonz
Gender: Female
Last Online: 2 Apr 2020, 8:06 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:49 pm

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    • ??? i never said anywhere i was trading my fd

    • Hi there! You expressed interest in getting a Pink Lung Dragon last week and I promised to message you when my pair bred again. They have produced a male Lung Dragon. If you want him, please send over 100K FC or 200FD (whichever works for you) and I will send over the Lung. Please understand that this is half the price I normally sell them for and if you need time to acquire more FC/FD I am willing to wait.

    • Does that name also apply to Flight Rising? I was reading through a thread here and saw you have an account on there. Haha -

    • I like your name ok. I approve.

    • hiya! are you still interested in the pets? just wondering, as i may put them in my stall (:

    • Agreed~!

    • alright, i'll hold them for you. would you like a female or male of the ping, arcty and doge? prices vary depending on the gender.

      the domesticated ones are the green drax, gray hippo, black wuff, male tuxedo ping, male winter arcty and female winter seal.
      undomesticated are the white doges (both m/f), female arcty and female ping.

    • hiya! C:
      i don't think you have the following ;;

      green drax (700) [only have male]
      gray hippo (50) [only have male]
      black wuff (250) [only have male]
      tuxedo ping (50, 4k if female)
      winter arcty (500, 4k if female)
      white doge (290, 10k if female) and
      winter seal (20k).

      these are going by the cheapest stall prices as of now (:
      whichever ones you want we can add up the total and that'll be the price.

    • ah, well i dont really do streams + like i said im kinda just doing it on and off among other things haha ;o; but thank you for showing interest and for the compliment!!!! <3

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