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User ID: #64807
Username: Muck
Gender: Neutrois
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 4:31 pm

Profile description

Hey, I'm Muck.
[[ 22 | Neutrois | Any Pronouns | Pansexual | Taken ]]
I'm an artist, and I adore animals.
I currently work in canine hydrotherapy.

I love beasts, monsters, gore, and cute stuff.
I am kind of a downer and don't really keep conversations going very well, but I do appreciate talking to others! I've just got low-af self-esteem and have basically become literal physical garbage. I have been treated like shit by my family, and by many people growing up. As a result, I have little patience for strangers and whatever negative things they say about anything / me.

Heads' up! I do NOT accept random friend requests! If you've talked to me before, you have an okay chance of getting accepted. xD And if you talk to me more than just once, sure, let's be friends! If we never talk, I'll remove you. Not in an aggressive way, I just want the people on my friends list to actually be friends instead of randoms that I never talk to. It feels lonely to have a bunch of random strangers that never speak in my friends list.

I am quite blunt and I say what I mean. If this offends you, steer clear and just ignore me. If it bothers you that much, then block me, I don't really care. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you'd like to haggle a little on stuff in my shop, feel free to make offers. I don't bite!

Commissions = open! (on Wajas and FR)
Art trades = open!
Collabs = open!

Stalk me on...
((PM me if you want my Skype / Discord / Instagram!))
As you can see, I exist pretty much everywhere! ;A;

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    • "Precious? What- uhm, thank you! That's very nice of you!"

    • I am pretty much Akiruru everywhere except for tumblr and Twitter...and yes, I do have an deviantART ! ;u ; Thank you for liking my art aaaa

    • Ahhh! All your painties are so cute :} I shall stalk you on DA.

    • ohmygosh thankyou so much!! ;w; I still need to work on Hauyne's page, ahah <3
      making personalities and pretty pages for these sweethearts makes me happy. I think I have an addiction to these furry lil nuggets. ♥ uwu;

    • Nice un :O I hope it's okay that I sent you a friend request - you don't have to accept tho especially since you'd prefer to only have people you talk with often on your list, which I totally get. Btw, your villagers are gorgeous! Especially Starboy, Pilot and Loey. ;w;

    • Thank you! Yours is cute too <3

    • Thank you! I try to keep commission work and personal work very separate, so I don't think I'll be sharing the other sites I'm on >-> If you happen to stumble across me, though, feel free to say hi!

    • thank you !!!

    • Thank you so much for the purchase~!
      Adorable villagers, might I add <3

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