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Username: sailormoon
Gender: Female
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 5:40 pm

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she/they ★ 24 ★ canada

my name's haillie and what the heck.

flight rising & tumblr


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    • Hi I just discouvered the search thing. (How did I not see that before?) Anyways, I love sailormoon!

    • Its a really well done profile imo.


    • also were did you get such a snazzy profile css?

    • IF your ever looking to get rid of pumpkins. ill happily take uncarved ones!

    • thank you!

    • Thanks so much for the lantern!

    • Bkess you! That was very kind of you. Is there anything I can do to repay the favor?

    • Did you know you're the bee's knees and I adore you?

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