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User ID: #65099
Username: Fay
Last Online: 10 Apr 2018, 2:23 pm
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 5:49 pm

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Profile is "Pigeons" by Reav with minor adjustments by me. Find it here. Some color stuff possible because of help from msjanny and the free profile provided by alxq here. Background image from here.

Aywas ID: #72947

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    • O.o needs that manokit plush

      Has no fc

    • Tysm for the compliment! <3

    • thanks! :) i like how clean yours is ;0;

    • Thank you for your kind words in the STL thread!! I'm so glad my guide was helpful to you! <3

    • thank you for the shout out!

    • Same here actually ahaha!! Tbh to me it sounds kind of like a mix between the black market and some of their older stuff - it's a little more intense than the black market was but still has the same sorta feel to it if that makes sense? Also holy c r a p TIm's voice is the greatest, he's definitely my favorite vocalist. ^^
      And yeah, I kinda figured they would! I wanna see if I can pick something up locally first though because then I don't have to pay shipping, I'm trying to save money since I'm going on vacation with my family in a little over a month but I have a mighty need for this album aha

      I didn't get to preorder from best buy because I kept forgetting w h o o p s but I'm gonna go to walmart sometime and try to pick up a copy there anyway!! when the black market came out I found a tshirt/cd bundle and I'm hoping that might be a thing this time too

    • Thank you very much friend! I sent it back c:

    • Im interested in any common and uncommon seed, i usually aim for 30fc per common seed and 40 per uncommon, especially when buying more then 1000 xD

    • Hi! Would you lower the price on your seeds if i were to buy all at once?

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