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User ID: #66904
Username: E
Gender: Female
Last Online: 22 Feb 2020, 7:23 pm
Registered: 8 Jul 2016, 4:50 am

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Hi there~
I'm no longer active here.

Barely tumblr for art. at the moment I am not making much art

note: I'm 14 hours ahead of Furvilla.

??? - Spotted Hyena to White Dragon to Pirate

Villagers 21

Comments 98

    • brazilian post office looooves to take 5ever to deliver things to me!!!

    • card? what card?

    • hey if you want dirty or a female melted snowfox (is that the name of the event pet) let me know

    • Yes, yes it was! I've bred 9 so far now

    • Your gallery, I like it ;)

    • well the thing is
      the construction worker lost his house :(((((
      guess Imma have to buy one really
      but my question was
      how to /do it/ like what steps to do make the villager have a house again xDDD

    • Thanks for picking Tabby to repair your Herbalists Pot! c:

    • HI
      so I haven't been here in a while
      how do I make my villager have a house again? xDDD

    • Yeah, the last thing I want is to make a limited potion LESS limited. So I'm going to bite the bullet and just delete the suggestion thread then. I shouldn't have started assuming the worst possible scenario any way; that was my fault.

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