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User ID: #66904
Username: E
Gender: Female
Last Online: 30 Mar 2020, 8:30 am
Registered: 8 Jul 2016, 4:50 am

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Hi there~
I'm no longer active here.

Barely tumblr for art. at the moment I am not making much art

note: I'm 14 hours ahead of Furvilla.

??? - Spotted Hyena to White Dragon to Pirate

Villagers 21

Comments 98

    • Thank you so much :>

    • Aw, Thanks so much ^-^

    • Thank you :)

    • You're very welcome! Thank you for the items in return~

    • Thank you for the lovely guides~

    • You're rewriting the Explorer guide, right? Do you need help with data or anything?

    • I'm so glad. I hope the drawing is going well!

    • Sorry about the delay. I told myself to wait on FV until you sent the transfer, but I got distracted and then I got involved in some work and I just got home again and all of a sudden I remembered I had been waiting for the transfer and that I hadn't actually started the flishy for you. I am so sorry. Its being domesticated now and will be done in 50 minutes. I'll set an alarm on my phone so I can send it back promptly.

    • OOOH! hehe That's a really pretty name! <3

    • ooh, really?? that's really interesting! XD since most of the names i give my villagers are something i think are a little more unique than average. <3 hehe i'm so curious as to which one it is XD
      (no need to tell me of course <3)

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