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Username: EggThief
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Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:57 pm

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×Digital Artist (I guess) ▪ 17 ▪ Awkward ▪ Anxious ×

Peace yall.

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Demonbf (paid)

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Borders by Sessh

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    • hey! im sorry to bother but im curious if your custom painties thread will ever reopen? i didn't want to post there in case not ^^


    • Okay, so in the JellBell thread, it said that there were no MYO slots available. Would my extension for the Halloween thingy still count? Because I’ve got this bab and I want to know if she’s still valid!

    • Oops hehe I accidentally hit post hold on

    • Wait, so I read in the JellBell thread that the MYO’s

    • Oh no, it’s totally alright! Thanks for the Link to the new base ^w^

    • Eek hello! You gave me an extension for the Halloween Event in the JellBell thread, and I’ve gotten one of them (see her here!), but, for my second one, I tried to download the normal JellBell base you provided, and it came up with an error message. Now, this might just be me, but still, I just wanted to bring it to your attention.

    • Im glad you like the sergal lad!! You Can credit me at LucidJackal on th!

    • HELLO I completely missed your reply to me in the "design a character for someone above you" thread!! Oh my gosh!! The dragon design is lovely and I absolutely adore it!! I wish Furvilla would've notified me so I saw it earlier.
      When I upload it to Toyhouse, would you like me to link here for credit or someplace else? :o

    • lol in rdr1 I used to steal carriages and like... slowly walk them over a cliff so the horses would glitch off (and inevitably fall off the cliff) and I now had a horseless carriage, it was SO funny to me for some reason??

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