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User ID: #67567
Username: Quagthistle
Gender: Female
Last Online: 24 Feb 2018, 6:40 am
Registered: 8 Jul 2016, 3:35 pm

Profile description

Greetings from a friendly neighborhood Quaggy! :)

I'm in my 30s, enjoy fantasy writing, and adore Pinnipeds. (Seriously, how many other people do *you* know who've had their hand kissed by a Walrus in real life?) XD

I'm open to item trade offers on my Gallery Items, but know that I generally have little interest in pets with a charge (+5, +10, etc.) because I refuse to breed them (and I primarily enjoy breeding pets, not just sticking them in my Menagerie to sit uselessly). I am, however, quite interested in Rare-colored AH males I don't have (see Pamela's page). :)

Villagers 12

Comments 52

    • And now my little friend has found a mini pet with uncommon colors out in the field for the first time. It's a female Blue Flishy.

    • Well, you won't believe what just happened. My villager found a super rare animal out in the field for the first time ever. It's a female Red Draggy.

    • Sorry for the random comment, but I saw your username and it's very familiar...were you ever on Dragonadopters? Or Pokeplushies (I think it's called clickcritters now laughs)? My memory is failing as to which site I think I remember seeing you long, long ago, o:

    • Makes perfect sense. Thank you.

    • *Now HE'S busy.

      Friggen typos.

    • Hey you're familiar with animal husbandry, right? I got a question. One of my villagers recently domesticated a male Red Flishy. It took multiple ten-minute rounds. Now, I'm busy trying to domesticate a female one. It's the first attempt and it's taking over an hour. What gives?

    • Thank you for buying my seeds!

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