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User ID: #67589
Username: MisterStrider
Gender: Male
Last Online: 16 Aug 2020, 1:22 am
Registered: 18 Jul 2016, 3:28 am

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fixMzT1.png Dirk/Elliot || DID+Kin System || 27 || He/HimfixMzT1.png
My Quadrants:
[♥ Vonn ♥ | ♥ Gio ♥]
[ ♦ Lampsy ♦ | ♦ Matt ♦ ]
[♣ Psii ♣ ]
[ ♠ Empty ♠ ]

(Previous username: Dei)



About Me:
Hey. Name's Dirk. I love many fandoms and I generally can be a pretty chill funny guy. I am an artist of many types and memelord/shitposter. I love to voice act and game. I also love cosplay and anime! My most active fandoms as of current are Homestuck and Rick and Morty. If you want to know more about me just ask. ♥



Waiting For Art From:
~List cleared!~



Customization Credits:
Leoneo dolls by Usagigami of my OC
Layout by Pachoopi
With slight edits/customization by MisterStrider
A few CSS snippets by cro
Furvilla Logo graphic by MisterStrider
Lace Dividers by anineko
Godtier Heart Bullet by MisterStrider
Discord's DMM Shield is property of Furvilla but edits belong to MisterStrider.
(Please don't steal it. I can make you separate one maybe.)
DirkJake Display picture and many pictures by Ikimaru
Prince Of Hearts Background Wrapper by Cairovercoat

Signature Credits
DirkJake pixels by homestuckpixelblog


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    • I don't mind. Rarely I'm here because I have no time. ;3;
      Yeah, sure. I prefer USD, but FD is okay... I guess. ~

    • Have you tried using the stabilizer function? It really helps give you smooth lines and helps with tremor/shaky lines in my experience :o

    • Thank you so much!! I worked for a couple painful hours on Fallows paintie, I'm glad you like it <3

    • omg I think I saw a picture of Marty with that photoshopped onto it I love that saying

    • Mm ye ,, I get where you're goin,,, I generally don't rp ,, mostly due to some old friend issues rip

      But mm ye !!! I'm fictionkin //and surprise surprise guess who my main id is //it's totally not obvious what are you taking abt//

    • Mm it's fine !!! Don't worry !! I haven't seen many people tht like T7DS tbh rip

    • I know it's against the rules to steal them. But having them on your profile or as your pic isn't a problem. It's not really infringement? Ah, well..

    • Heyo~ What's this about copyrighted characters?
      Is that against the rules for real?

    • I actually made it myself. :0 Im not sure if I would do commisions atm, im in a bit of a funk, but maybe one day!

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