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User ID: #67589
Username: MisterStrider
Gender: Male
Last Online: 12 Sep 2018, 7:19 pm
Registered: 18 Jul 2016, 3:28 am

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fixMzT1.png Dirk/Elliot || DID+Kin System || 25 || He/Him || FTM fixMzT1.png
Quads: [ ♥ Gamzee/Jake ♥ | ♥ Alpha Dave ♥] [ ♦ John | ♦ Karkat ♦ ] [♣ Empty ♣ ] [ ♠ Empty ♠ ]

(Previous username: Dei)



About Me:
(Out of Character - I will be in character at times, some not.)
Hey! Name's Elliot but most people call me Dirk or Prince. I love many fandoms and I generally can be a pretty chill funny guy. I am an artist of many types and memelord/shitposter. I love to voice act and game. I also love cosplay and anime! My most active fandoms as of current are Homestuck and Rick and Morty! If you want to know more about me just ask. ♥



Waiting For Art From:
~List cleared!~



Customization Credits:
Leoneo dolls by Usagigami of my OC
Layout by Pachoopi
With slight edits/customization by MisterStrider
A few CSS snippets by cro
Furvilla Logo graphic by MisterStrider
Lace Dividers by anineko
Godtier Heart Bullet by MisterStrider
Discord's DMM Shield is property of Furvilla but edits belong to MisterStrider.
(Please don't steal it. I can make you separate one maybe.)
DirkJake Display picture and many pictures by Ikimaru
Prince Of Hearts Background Wrapper by Cairovercoat

Signature Credits
DirkJake pixels by homestuckpixelblog


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    • Dirk.png?raw=1


      Just right click and open in new tab. :3 You can also use the link if you want, these files'll probably be in my Dropbox for... well ever. xD Also just ask if you want me to change the green to a different shade. :o

      The font used is here if you wanna try making and editing your own graphics! It's pretty dang fun. ;w; I even made a goopy Lord Dominator graphic for my signature before, and it works so well. :3

    • Sorry for the late reply! Was watching YouTube. xD But of course I could make you some! :o for free of course, 'cuz it's just a quick edit in FireAlpaca. :P I'll post them here when I'm done~

    • Oh wow. O.O I'm sorry! I hope you're able to deal with it, quite a few of my friends have had to deal with sudden diagnosis like that and at first it feels like your life is ruined, but just remember that there are people there to help, both offline and on. You'll always have people to help you through trying times, try to remember that. ^^

    • Holy crap! Where've ya been?! I missed you! :o

    • Hey!
      Actually I didnt mean to just kinda steal the idea or anything, sorryt if it came off that way.
      I just saw the design as super simple and it didnt really mean much in my head as it wasnt original art but furvilla art instead, you know? haha, I'm autistic so sorry if it came off poorly o:

      If it was actually their art I would never reccomend, its just that its a simple edit in my head :p
      Others have head swapped, so I didnt think it was a big deal xD
      apologies for my ignorance :3!

    • New year!
      (sorry my other post was cut off heh--)

    • Happy

    • Happy new year my friend!

    • Happy New Year!
      Heres hoping your year is bright and shiny!

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