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Username: MisterStrider
Gender: Male
Last Online: 12 Sep 2018, 7:19 pm
Registered: 18 Jul 2016, 3:28 am

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fixMzT1.png Dirk/Elliot || DID+Kin System || 25 || He/Him || FTM fixMzT1.png
Quads: [ ♥ Gamzee/Jake ♥ | ♥ Alpha Dave ♥] [ ♦ John | ♦ Karkat ♦ ] [♣ Empty ♣ ] [ ♠ Empty ♠ ]

(Previous username: Dei)



About Me:
(Out of Character - I will be in character at times, some not.)
Hey! Name's Elliot but most people call me Dirk or Prince. I love many fandoms and I generally can be a pretty chill funny guy. I am an artist of many types and memelord/shitposter. I love to voice act and game. I also love cosplay and anime! My most active fandoms as of current are Homestuck and Rick and Morty! If you want to know more about me just ask. ♥



Waiting For Art From:
~List cleared!~



Customization Credits:
Leoneo dolls by Usagigami of my OC
Layout by Pachoopi
With slight edits/customization by MisterStrider
A few CSS snippets by cro
Furvilla Logo graphic by MisterStrider
Lace Dividers by anineko
Godtier Heart Bullet by MisterStrider
Discord's DMM Shield is property of Furvilla but edits belong to MisterStrider.
(Please don't steal it. I can make you separate one maybe.)
DirkJake Display picture and many pictures by Ikimaru
Prince Of Hearts Background Wrapper by Cairovercoat

Signature Credits
DirkJake pixels by homestuckpixelblog


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    • I just feel the need to point out that your profile is amazing and so is Discord.
      Do you remember me, Senpai? D-do you?

    • Heh

      i actually just drew Eridan today, or at least sketched him x3

      He has such a good design, but i feel like so few people like him

    • D:< you have more posts than I do

      how did you manage that x3

    • Oh? I'm not a big collab-person, so I'm probably just gonna stick to my slice of fur-heck ;v; thank you for lettin' me know someone's doin' the same kinda thing though! :)

    • 375 fc!!

    • Haha awesome! Thanks for the heads up ^-^ Ooh, speaking of which, you wanna add each other on FR? :-)

    • Thank you for the reminder haha, that works for me! I have been called in for extra work this week so sorry I've been slow. Lots of commissions to dooo! Haha

    • I feel, i actually joined 6 days ago so i still know nothing, i just play the fairground games and blow my cash on dragons

    • Awh thank you ^^ I'm still undecided what she is haha, dragon/gecko/dinosaur?? No idea, just a sassy babe i suppose (I added you on FR btw hope you dont mind)

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