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Username: Taffymae
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:59 pm

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Hello, I'm taffymae thanks for visiting my profile! ♥

Creating art is my hobby and I aspire to achieve one of my greatest dreams — becoming a freelance illustrator! Its going to be a long journey and I appreciate any support you lend me. xo

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paintie commissions

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    • Thank you for the comment! And I'll be sure to tell you when I do upload another one! I DO LOVE GLITTER!!!! Tell me when you upload another paintie yourself, they are amazing! Do you mind if i add you?

    • That's fine! I'm so happy I've brightened your day! indented seems to be your only paintie and villager. How long did you work on her for?! :D

    • You're very welcome! She's a beautiful sweetheart nwn

    • haha yes its comic sans, and no problem!! She's the most prettiest paintie I've seen so far!!

    • lol yeah thats how i felt about Saphire. i think it's just whoever gets stuck on the front page for a long period of time XD and your welcome

    • You're very welcome! She's honestly super pretty and I love her design and how you did her Paintie. (: I hope to see more from you soon! ♥

    • Woah... your profile. ♥
      And thanks for your comment and your interest. ;v; Good questions tho. She's my 2nd fursona, mostly used for vent art (poor thing). lol The gas mask is just an accessoire to wear but I already thought about something more, probably that she's holding a strange toxic steam in her collar and the gas mask should protect her since she simply has no idea how to controll it? Idk yet but I'm going to add a little story to her later, I guess. <3

    • aw gosh its no problem at all!! i think ur profile looks fantasict! i love the colors and the subtle stars in the background!!

    • i love your profile omg ♥ the logo looks cool :o

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