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User ID: #6788
Username: Taffymae
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:59 pm

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Hello, I'm taffymae thanks for visiting my profile! ♥

Creating art is my hobby and I aspire to achieve one of my greatest dreams — becoming a freelance illustrator! Its going to be a long journey and I appreciate any support you lend me. xo

furaffinity // patreon
paintie commissions

click to view my paintie gallery!

Villagers 5

Comments 162

    • All your villager's painties are gorgeous<3 *u*

    • ahhhh i just looked at all your painties and they're so pretty!! *O* i love all the details ahhsghseori

    • ah! thank you so much! ToT i'm really self conscious about it actually, so thank you!!!!

    • Haha, you hit the nail on the head! I still want to add a few more background images though~

    • You've done amazing work for me already Taffy <3

    • What is this, a profile for flying ants?

    • your painties are gorgeous!

    • no no no wickerbeast isnt back
      im waiting for the mods to respond aaaaaAAAAAA

    • Love your painties! They have such a uniform style to each other <3

    • Omg thank you!!! Yours is too! <33

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