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Username: YuuriKatsuki
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。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆||Gemma | 19 | Female|| 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

(Aesthetic circles by the lovely TropicalDeer )

"My name is Connor. I'm the android sent by Cyberlife."
gorgeous art by: Falorie

☆ native to Quetzal Palace
☆ a soft peach
☆ enjoys Haikyuu, Pokémon, LoZ, HP/Fantastic Beasts,
Sherlock, Disney, The Hobbit, Cuphead, etc
☆ struggles to stay social
☆ adores red n' orange
☆ very much into art
☆ likes sunshine

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    • I keep thinking there was going to be a twist in the video XD I love the art style tho and they made so many nods to the original toons uwu When that scene came up (in the gif) I was like so that's the context! I actually do have one more essay due on tuesday, so I'm not out of the fire yet, but at least I got today to chill for a bit uwu

    • Oh, thank you! And my icon is one of my robot OCs <3

    • *huggles gently* Nuuuuuuu, you're fine ;w;
      Better safe than sorry you know. So please, don't worry~

      And it' shard to upset me. Well, it depends on the thing. Usually I get upset int he games easier than I do like this. So yeah x3. Besides, a super friendly fuzzie like you... how could that ever upset anyone ^^
      And don't worry tho. I totally understood what you wanted to say when you politely said no~ :3c

      And awwwwwwh, you're welcome! ^/////^
      Nnnnnnnnnnn >///w///<

    • It's alright! <3 It'll be like extra bumps AND we get to talk, so I only see bonuses uwu <3 I finally submited my second last assignment today in the morning and ended up just crashing and waking up at 5pm XD Can't wait to get back to drawing more art for a while <3 Definitely going to watch your vid and finally get to the pm's uwu

    • thank you for the donation <3

    • Nuuuuuuuuuu!
      You didn't offend me. I'm sorry if I made it seem like that, but honestly, it's all good~ ^w^
      And really, ya shouldn't feel guilty. I'm always happy to share, so it' snot a problem for me, but, I do understand you, and I respect you.
      It hasn't been much trouble to pick them all, it just took couple of minutes (especially because severs slow cus candy shop opened up xD)
      But, I honestly mean that there is no problem at all :3c
      Keep being an awesome and kind fuzzie!

    • Awwwwh, but you do tho :/
      But okay, if that's your wish, I shall respect it. Sorry for the trade then~ ^w^
      gotta share it somewhere else then, try maybe at least x3
      Thank you for the kind words and all of those compliments too uwu

    • Baww! Thank you so much, that was such a sweet comment and an amazing way to start the day. I'm just so lucky you always have a ton of things in stock that are super handy. ;0; Feel free to chat it up with me anytime - although sometimes I don't reply right away I will get around to it. ^^ <3

    • thank you!! i'm happy to meet fellow red panda lovers! ^o^

    • Hehe, it really is no problem for me. I love helping friends, giving away stuff, making people happy ^w^
      So I'm glad it all makes you really happy :3c
      But thank you for the compliment >///w///<
      And awwwwwwww yis. I'm glad you think that's adorbz... cus I want to be an adorable foxxo x//3
      And oh my goshh cinnamon roll, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *melts as well*

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