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User ID: #68831
Username: Saberfiend
Gender: Eldritch Horror
Last Online: 24 Sep 2020, 6:42 am
Registered: 7 Dec 2016, 4:34 pm

Profile description

1 Hour 1 Minute ahead of FV time


The Horned Ones: Satanic Discord Server
Roar and Howl: Furry Discord Server

Jack, Feral, or Saber
3454-non-binary-pride-button.png 3456-pansexual-pride-button.png 4812-any-pronoun-button.png
Satanist | Artist | Writer | Stoner
Sometimes I do things. Sometimes I stare off into the void. I never know which it's gonna be, so it's a surprise for both of us.

Permanent resident of DMM


My Art Shop (Currently under construction) | Character Sales | A n g e r y YCH

I post art on these sites, click the links to go to my profiles! I always appreciate a watch, follow or like ^^
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checking out my ko-fi!
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Wishlist (Pasted here to help me keep track):

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Comments 78

    • So much time pasted and i cant even remember it.

      How have you been the past 2 months?

    • Rotsuoy Thanks for the advice, nice to know I can do that :)

    • If people keep posting on your shop when you don't want them to, finish your shop posts and then ping the mods to ask them to come clean up the messages of people who posted when you asked them not to. Also, block people who stress you out. They don't deserve your time.

    • Toothy tokens, huh? Well i used to collect sun coins. Now i just collect skulls. Hild on i have a few tokens on hand, lemme send some.

    • YesMan Yeah :3 I also collect Toothy Tokens, but some people have asked me to find some for them so I don't have any right now XP

    • I know right, Isnt it amazing? Just a little collection just for the sake of collecting it. Souls of the damned too, neat.

    • YesMan I do indeed XD Not for any reason in particular, I just like candy corn X3

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