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User ID: #68908
Username: Shenzai
Gender: Female
Last Online: 25 May 2017, 9:54 pm
Registered: 7 Dec 2016, 5:04 pm
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Hi, I'm Shenzai. I am a fox, but sometimes I am a birb.

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- Seed Gifting

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    • Sorry about the giveaway trade I canceled, I meant to send it to Shenza instead but Furvilla autocorrected the username to Shenzai ;;

    • aw your gift is appreciated every little bit helps! I can at least make a villager in it, and replace it with a 250 house when i manage to get 350 slabs to build one again RIP

    • yee omg!! <3
      back during beta, at first they wouldn't let us have more than 10 villagers, one for each career, but then they changed it to we can have as many as we want because there's too many amazing villagers to choose only 10, which is awesome aa!!

    • ahah i can tell, it's fine!!!
      late welcome to furvilla, by the way, you liking it here? ^^

    • thanks for the double seeds hahah
      and yeah, i did get them the first time, weird it didn't show in your notifications

    • Thank you so much for the seeds :D

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