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User ID: #69
Username: Takoto
Gender: Male
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:00 pm

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Hey I'm Takoto.

I like drawing. My fursona is a Scottish Fold cat !! I'm physically disabled, and I spent 77% of my time drinking tea.

I know my ID is funny - I wish it was 77 though.


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    • tumblr_o9ottwNuWi1u49va2o1_540.png

      Here you go! from that request thread :0

    • At least you didn't get 420, god help them April 20th

    • Ah, I understand. It's kind of the same for me. I'm happy to be #100 exactly, but I also kind of wish I had been #118 because that's my favorite number :P But, I'm still happy with what I got!

    • lol You poor thing x'D You're gonna have it rough for awhile ;P

    • oh

    • kinky

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