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User ID: #69048
Username: Samael
Gender: Agender
Registered: 7 Dec 2016, 5:48 pm

Profile description


⊱ Samael/Sam, other places I'm CorvusCoraxx; they/them
⊱ Deep space demon, shapeshifter, sarcastic but super chill
⊱ I appreciate comments on my profile/villagers but may not respond because what are social skills
⊱ I like monsters, demons, aliens, space, horror and fantasy, cryptids and folklore, skull/skeleton motifs, black paired with neons (except pink)
⊱ I collect souls (of the damned)
⊱ Dragonsmaw is my home, I travel for supplies

Custom Vistas (PM me to order one, 150FD each)

Villagers 77

Comments 7

    • I think I included all the shifties in the trade but let me know if I missed any 'cause I'm still tired

    • Love the username and profile!

    • Thanks!

    • Are you still looking for a female flamingo? If you are, I have one.
      Please send me a trade if you're still looking, thank you!

    • that is a lot of gemlins

    • Thank you for the item ^^

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