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Username: ddyyuu
Gender: Female
Registered: 7 Dec 2016, 10:37 pm

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    • Ahhhh thank you so much! I'm very grateful

    • Oh my gosh, thank you so so much for the ticket :D Have an amazing day!

    • Ah well I actually bought him with his painty already there! The artist is the one who thought of his concept as well and they did a great job!<3 and I definetly plan to make more custom villagers, I jaunt have to get paintie tickets so I can sub,it painties, but I'm working on a few painties myself and may commission some when I have funds too<3

    • Ah I just wanna say thanks so much for ur comment on Kit!<3 you have some amazing villagers as well!<3

    • That was a truly wonderful surprise, really brightened my spirits tonight!
      Thank you so much!


    • Oh, wow, I didn't expect to win the ticket! Thank you so much!

    • Don't want to derail your thread so.. Yes! The same Omosky. Unfortunately having some issues navigation FF. I'm guessing it's browser related as it started after an update, however, no other site has been affected. >_<

      Oh lord, I'm glad I didn't win the giveaway yesterday. I forgot everyone who claimed their beta packages got a paintie ticket! This entire time I've been wondering why I had two stacks of mythical scrolls. Glad to see the art for them was changed. Lol.

    • I just wanted to say it is incredibly generous of you to do a paintie ticket give away! Thank you for being so kind! I hope those that win appreciate your doing so!

    • Ha ha. Alright, see you around, friend!

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