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kat | 20 | she/her

i like grilled cheese and edge boys.

to do:
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_pain paintie for tuck free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_pain
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_pain teddy(paintie and villager- folded ear doggo with way too big a hoodie) free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_pain
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_pain red riding hood insp villager/paintie free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_pain
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_pain redo profile css free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_pain
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_pain paintie for renald free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_pain
free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_pain self note: 178,821furcoins.gif for galaxy costume free_bullet___yellow_star_by_pastel_pain

flight rising


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    • ooohhhh. I watched an entire (with like, 2 breaks) 13 hour livestream of the entire game the day before it was officially released (with a massive, awful x20 headache, no less) so I'm lucky there I guess. Minus the headache that I still wonder to this day why I didn't just sleep off instead of suffering the entire day when I could have watched it the next day, lmao. Some people are divided as to whether he's actually attractive or not. (He totally is though. :P) I had that same problem with Assassin's Creed Unity. I have it, but it just did not run well enough to finish. RIP

    • Yoooooo Wrench tho. I assume you've seen his face at this point? If you wanna ramble about either game, 1 or 2 with me, hit me up 'cause Watch Dogs is my jam. (Wrench is my smol spiky son but Josh is my bae)

    • Hell yeah, Watch Dogs! :D
      (I've never actually played the second game but it looks really good and Wrench seems like a great character)

    • Thank you so much for the potion! That was really sweet of you~! <3

    • megalomaniac Ah, cool. I'm caught up and watching those alternate stories of Season 14 whenever they're posted. Gonna go check the YouTube right now to see if anything new is up. XP

    • FireHawk i'm only a few episodes into season 13 atm. i stopped watching it after 12, my bf and i rewatched up to where we left off so now we're trying to catch up. it is very good tho. felix and locus are my sons.

    • I saw your avatar was Felix from RvB, I love that show too! It's the best series ever! Of all time! How far have you watched it, btw?

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