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User ID: #70342
Username: Hancets
Gender: Female
Last Online: 19 Aug 2020, 4:03 pm
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 9:01 am

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aka if you ping me or send me a pm and i dont respond im probably doing stuff
dont think i hate you cause i dont :.

I'm a smol horse, very busy, cries a lot

About me: Hetero female. Furry. Vegan. Artist. Fursuiter. Fandom nerd. Guardian Alicorn of EKoF. Slytherin/Horned Serpent. Scorpio.
I love drawing, baking, and obsessing over happy things.

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    • Hi let’s be friends?

    • Haha yeah! I'm really hyped for Thor: Ragnarok too :3c and for the new Spiderman movie which I will see on my birthday haha All the characters look super cool and I really want to see how Thor, Hulk and others will save the world...I also heard there's gonna be Dr. Strange?
      Yeeep! I love my robot son :) And James Spader

    • @Ultron - Oh gosh hi hi I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to respond, I've been crazily busy - but yes! I'm hyped up for Thor: Rganarok! .u. Marvel's one of my favorite series/fandoms and the Thor movies are definitely some of my favorite movies of all time. Though I'm probably biased because I love mythology. I'm guessing you like Ultron? Given the username and all. ;D

    • Hi I heard you are hyped for Thor: Ragnarok :3cc

    • thank you for the gold pieces!

    • Heyoo~
      Thank you for buying one of the Cooling Salves I had for sale!\(^v^(

      I hope it works good, since I think it was one of the 90% or 95% potency ones I put up for sale a bit cheaper than the 100% ones.
      *Also gives you a complimentary (vegan) cookie and a glass of orange juice* :-3

    • Oh my goodness I've been spotted. :'D

      Heya, Forgot!

    • *laughs* Well hello there XD

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