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User ID: #71139
Username: Laz
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 3:07 pm

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Laz - they/she - Pacific Time (Furvilla -2)


Hi! I'm Laz, your local village witch!
Originally a Tigereye Peak native with dual citizenship in the Oceandome!
>Step inside my cabin for a cup of tea?<

Here is my >plushie wishlist<!

Look forward to my upcoming novel, “How I Challenged Mayor Ana to a Duel (and Lived to Tell the Tale)”


I hope you have a nice day!



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    • I just noticed the names of them!

    • Oooohhhh omg I'm so dumb I thought it had to have, like a certain amount of orders for that! But sure, that can totally work! I'll be on for sure later today and I'll get you the copy of it! ^^

    • Ahhh I am so sorry for the late reply! ^^; I'm not as active on here anymore and nor do I have any extra vistas atm! If I become more active again and make copies, I will for sure let you know!!! But thank you for liking it! ^^

    • omg hi!! idk if you remember me or not because it's been a looong time but i thought it'd be nice to pop in to see how you're doing!

    • Agreed. It kills me when I have to stop using my herbalist for days because I'm stuck repairing them one. by. one. x_x

    • yup! just send over the cost to cover the copy and i'll send you one!

    • Keep the food! I've decided to quit feast stuff so keep it to do whatever you want with! I'll still be doing your art, it might just take a bit because I've been very spacey recently o v o

    • CRAP
      Thanks for reminding me xD
      I was gonna do a giveaway but forgot it was today! Thank yoy for reminding me x3

    • You're welcome! I figured it would be a nice thing to do for you!

    • Welp... here's the problem. The lightning crystal does 1 -150 lightning damage, and the feathered dagger does 50-400 lighting damage ((More so actually because they're all 130%+ quality)).... So no, it won't make it easier to kill the gulper; if anything it will make it harder... But it makes one weapon able to kill all three of them, freeing up the other two slots for anything you want to use them for.

      And don't worry about it~! I love chatting and thinking about the warrior job class, so I don't find it annoying at all~! Though, I will fully admit that I haven't been able to get into crystals much yet, as I haven't been farming materials to craft them xD;; I hope to start doing so soon though after the serpent leaves! I'm at 860 equipment donated, but still waiting for my feathered necklace T__T

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