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User ID: #71139
Username: Laz
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 3:07 pm

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Laz - they/she - Pacific Time (Furvilla -2)


Hi! I'm Laz, your local village witch!
Originally a Tigereye Peak native with dual citizenship in the Oceandome!
>Step inside my cabin for a cup of tea?<

Here is my >plushie wishlist<!

Look forward to my upcoming novel, “How I Challenged Mayor Ana to a Duel (and Lived to Tell the Tale)”


I hope you have a nice day!



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    • Ya, the only change you'd really notice with swapping out Delilah's for the light SSM would be that the pyre and dragon would deal slightly less damage, and that the gulper now did more frost damage to you xD

      But hmmm.... So a fair amount of health and int already; the dagger actually already fits well where it is. Could replace it with a wand of regeneration to get a little extra healing on you. Or as odd as it sounds, a wand of chilling could help verses the dragon, as then it wouldn't be able to dodge your attacks so much.

    • Honestly, I'd need to more so know what you already had equipped before I could say something like that xD;; But anything with more intelligence, speed, and endurance, would really help the build over all.

    • ..... o-oh.... Well if there's nothing in it right now, than either a lightning crystal, or a frost crystal could be really helpful for DM farming xD

    • Hmmm.... What do you have in the hammer right now? It all depends really on what you'd be replacing. If it's a power or frost crystal, a lightning crystal would help out some in its versatility.

    • thanks! :) hopefully i get lucky soon with collecting

    • oh man i get you, i was making ofb food when i was in od and ran out before i could reach the tier for sr in the feast x)
      but i figured to stay in ofb months later just bc i really want to get some ud sr pets before i move on to a different village to collect their ud srs

    • no problem :ok_hand: im sort of a hoarder so most of the time i have an extreme excess of exploration items that dont ever get used ;0

    • thank u! ;v; i set up a paypal a while back so i might open commissions in the future,

    • Just a newbie passing by! Nice villagers you got there! Keep up the good work!

    • Maybe at some point~! I wouldn't really be using them for their combat stats; mostly just the abilities that they can give~ Want to test that stuff out and see how they work~!

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