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User ID: #71139
Username: Laz
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 3:07 pm

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Laz - they/she - Pacific Time (Furvilla -2)


Hi! I'm Laz, your local village witch!
Originally a Tigereye Peak native with dual citizenship in the Oceandome!
>Step inside my cabin for a cup of tea?<

Here is my >plushie wishlist<!

Look forward to my upcoming novel, “How I Challenged Mayor Ana to a Duel (and Lived to Tell the Tale)”


I hope you have a nice day!



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    • No worries~! If you happen to be napping, than you'll be napping~ Rest well and recover~!

      As for the flowering equipment; I'm going to make a set eventually... I haven't been able to farm anything until now; I've been away at a convention since last Wednesday when it was all released xD;; Knowing the bit of what everything does, I do think that a lot of it will have some interesting builds coming out from it~ I really want to get my hands on a flowering hammer, axe, and leather armor. Their three passives seem super awesome and fun~ I'm updating my spreadsheet now, so if you're not sure what they do, take a poke at it~!

    • That I am! Tonight at 5:30pm FV time~!

    • No problem! Hope it helps.

    • Whoops! I accidently put in one male! Ill send another female (it'll be stormy if that's alright, I have no more commons lol)

    • No Problem. Also good luck on your otter breeding. ^_^

    • Nah is cool :> I'll just complete everything up to sunset and call it a day hah
      And I have plenty of outfits anyways so it's fine :3c

    • thank you for the house!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D <3

    • Of course! I'll probably get the chance to see it on Lucky's livestream. And thank you - I'm glad to hear! :3

    • Congrats on your placement in the contest! I'll have to read over yours, although I have no doubt it's awesome! :3

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