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User ID: #71139
Username: Laz
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 3:07 pm

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Laz - they/she - Pacific Time (Furvilla -2)


Hi! I'm Laz, your local village witch!
Originally a Tigereye Peak native with dual citizenship in the Oceandome!
>Step inside my cabin for a cup of tea?<

Here is my >plushie wishlist<!

Look forward to my upcoming novel, “How I Challenged Mayor Ana to a Duel (and Lived to Tell the Tale)”


I hope you have a nice day!



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    • No problem kitty! Take good care of her. ^^

    • No problem! Glad I could help

    • It's both alarming and exciting! xD I mean, it was not originally intended, but ho-boy was I excited when I noticed my ID - couldn't have asked for a better one.

    • Well, thing is, the Aeron-hale-foxbury combo I call "the bomb" as it does 15k+ fire damage, and usually ends up leaving you at 1 health, or dead. So I'm not sure as of yet how to out tank the tank, besides finding a way to just out sustain them and deal 1 damage every turn xD;;; Plus I haven't been able to toy with him much yet; he's not that common for some reason, and it's 1am with work tomorrow.... Sooooooo ya xD;;

    • Lol yeah I miscalculated how much space I'd need, it's upgraded now though ^-^ I'll send over some commons for you when the trade is completed (and the uncommon as I have two of those already). Thank you so so much for helping me! <3

    • Btw if you need males and females of the commons for your menagerie feel free to take some ^-^ <3

    • Hi! Do you have space for the full 49 (+2 studs) in your inventory or should I send them over in batches? I've never done this before lol :p

    • Hi! The best place to get them is from the Harbinger, that monster is difficult to beat though if you don't have something like Vali's Hammer to make a high agility build. I don't think they drop from Deadly Monsters sadly. I have a bunch of them that I'm not gonna use, how many do you need? ^-^

    • Well, unfortunately it is actually a craftable. Though, it's all the staves in one recipe~ It's the "Elemental staff" recipe, and you have a 25% chance of getting either the dark, electric, fire, or frost staff, with a 1% chance of also crafting the Light staff~

    • Haha ideas are the hard part! I'll add you to my pinglist, anyway, and when I get more up I can ping you. And if you think of something you want, let me know :)

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