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User ID: #71150
Username: Kol
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 3:10 pm


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My Pronouns are They/Them~ I am GrayAce.
I'm VERY fond of tea. Like... I've got 48 different flavors.. 13 boxes of assorted greens, herbals, blacks, whites, oolong, Chai... Earl Grey.. Mmmmm.... Did you know there's...even....watermelon tea??????

Here’s my Website
In a loving relationship with StellarHyena and Goodbody
~Find me Elsewhere~
Flight Rising
Forest of Mirrors
Tale of Ostlea

Discord ; Karnivore#5220

~Awesome People~
ChesRed Lenden SilverGlitchFox Hypernova Jeverinth Gypsonium Dweller_Kraken iEatSouls AC_lazy02 BeccaKitty Bionicbro56 Salicos FluffzGS RipTamra Derpos

If you can see this, I'll draw you a free artistic liberty sticker of your character~

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    • thank you for the gift :)

    • Also sorry if my profile is an eyesore. I was trying to fix my css until i gave up cause coding is hard

    • Same kinda reason I'm not too excited to visit my bf's family cause his mom is scared his dad will be an ass and try to do something because we're queer. He's a "hardcore christian" as well if that explains anything. I don't wanna say too much cause it's obviously not my business to be spouting but you can probably understand why i don't wanna go see him ever. I hope things get better for you guys

    • Hey, sorry to sound like I'm intruding or anything but i wanted to let you know I'm here for you if you need to vent. I know things can get hard, esp with people who think they did nothing wrong (my family's the same when it comes to thinking they did nothing wrong when I'm upset because of them). I hope you feel better, if not by much then just a little

    • Ah I know that feeling sometimes. Perhaps make yourself some sturdy herbalist pots or the like? Either way, accident or not, the sale is much appreciated. XD

    • Thank you for the slabs

    • You avatar and vista are really cool! Also lovely CSS and villagers too

    • Fite the fishy?? It appears we've advanced to level 2 :o

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