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User ID: #71789
Username: gerbilfluff
Gender: Androgyne
Last Online: 19 Feb 2020, 9:55 pm
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 6:14 pm

Profile description

Hiya! I'm Gerbil, an ancient-in-Internet-years chinchilla from the Twin Cities, MN area in the USA. By night, I'm a proofreader for corporations that need to file with the SEC. By later night, I'm an occasional webcomic doodler and even more occasional picture book writer.

I'm also a proud trans whatever (androgyne, genderqueer, non-binary/enby, call it what you want), and have finally found comfort in my own skin since a phalloplasty in June 2015. If you've got any questions about the procedure, I know it's a rare one, so I'm only happy to do my best to answer 'em. Not only am I an open book, I'm kind of a blabbermouth. :B

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    • Thank you! That made my day and my friend's day too!

    • Sure, I always love finding new stuff to listen to :D

    • It'll be ready in a bit over an hour so I'll send it then! And honestly maybe just some FD would be helpful tbh, even just 500 or any amount since I'm planning to buy more discourse kitsunes when I can ^^

    • I just realized how rude I might have sounded! I actually built the cluck for you IF you want it, but have no issue keeping it myself because it's cute if you don't. I also don't expect you to pay 2 million so no worries there!

    • Ok, new report, it did end up costing about 2 million to craft, wow. It's sooooo cute though so it's worth it

    • Nevermind, looks like the price of the materials dropped recently, yay

    • Oh awesome ^^ I'm also hoping to get that cluck crystal someday, but building ti costs over 2 million FC so I'm waiting to start it since I'd have to buy all the materials xD

    • Hey friend, I'll send you a discourse kitsune as soon as I get another one; I'm currently trying to collect them

    • Thank youuuu ❤️

    • Alrighty! Sending over the trade now <3

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