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User ID: #72454
Username: Laurus
Gender: Male
Last Online: 21 Jul 2019, 12:02 am
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 10:06 pm


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    • Your welcome, i have way to many fairy mushrooms X3

    • hey you're welcome ^^

    • No hon! I figured it was for the fluffy costume and had it on me atm :) hope you have a good day hon!

    • np :0

    • thanks for the steel c:

    • I cant have enough of Candycorn so the more the merrier.
      I might have deleted the notification or cancelled the transfer by accident.
      If you need anything in return i would be happy to help :^]

    • flora* flora* oh gosh, that's a terrifying thought-

    • thank you so much for the seeds! scalky's going to have a lot of fun harvesting the foreign fauna.

    • I want to try and get my warrior up in level, I can't afford amazing gear for him right now but I'd like for him to be a decent level when I can get him gear c: (I'm ok-is when it comes to the tourney, always get my butt kicked still!)

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