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Username: dacia
Gender: Female
Registered: 9 Dec 2016, 3:22 pm

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taking a break. I'll be around for art due
to me, and the thank the staff raffle, that is
all though. thanks for understanding.

23. married. straight. female. i really love my
fursonas. so please don't hate on them at all <3

slytherin to the core. furry in the heart. superlord
of the wasteland and high king of skyrim. possibly
the dragon reborn, but that is up for debate right
now. i am a demigod who lives in camp Jupiter,
rock climb, soccer, art, read, piano, mormon <3

see me on furaffinity, page

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    • Happy holidays to you too!! Honestly that was such a kind gesture, I'd like to do something for you in return! <3 I remember a sketch of Dacia I did awhile ago in one of my art threads - If you'd like, I can finish it digitally full colour and shading as thanks! ♡ (I remember you saying you might ink and colour it, if you already did I can draw you a new piece instead of Dacia or another character!)

    • Take pictures!! We never know what Jack Frost has in store for us, yet I'm sure we will see the white fluff soon enough. Enjoy.

    • Got snow? The storm is missing us, but the chill reached Tennessee! *brrr*

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