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User ID: #73933
Username: Bluheart
Gender: Female
Registered: 9 Dec 2016, 6:05 pm

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ノ( º _ ºノ)

If you need anything, just ask. I don't bite. Olde Foxbury is my home but occasionally I'll visit other villages for certain supplies. OFB will always be in my heart!

Life is a gas. Lite it on fire!

Disabled. Stay at home most of the time in bed. I'm online way too much, usually late in the evening and after midnite but sometimes in early morning. If you need something just send me a message. I'll get back to you. If I don't in a timely manner, I may have forgotten. I do that sometimes. Just nudge me again, please. Thanks and have a great day! =)

Villagers 66

Comments 82

    • Thank you, it was my pleasure (owo)b

    • No stress at all! Most feedback is better than none. I made this profile a while back, it's in need of an update. I'll be sure to keep in mind legible text for the next revamp ~

    • I'll edit the code,try again in 5 minutes or so if you ToT's don't run out before then c:
      Sorry about that!

    • Saw your post on the bugs/errors page; have you tried going to your explorer's career page? It lets you finish the event there, usually!

    • Thank you for the tip.

    • Thank you for the building materials!

    • apologies for such an incredibly long wait. I thought I had finished my last batch of Get What You Pay For commissions, but I had actually forgot to finish two of them

      Here's yours! sorry about that


    • Any chance you would take 400 FD on your Panda Teddy Bear?

    • Thank you for the tip :)

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