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Username: Amae
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    • Honestly! All the characters are dynamic, even the side characters who are in just one episode!

    • oooo Spencer's definitely my favorite >w< I've always loved nerdy stereotypes.
      I really like Prentiss and Alvez too

    • Me too!!!
      I really miss Hotch as well :((

    • Adventure fairy?

    • Really? That's a lot of coincidences for just one villager.

    • Thanks for the seeds! ^_^

    • Thankies for the Seeds! nom nom nom.

    • Controversies upon controversies :c What's done is done - let's hope for the best with the development of the BBC version. I'm off to bed - good night! Great HDM chat!

    • You make a very good point - I recall reading somewhere the books themselves were criticised for their stance on aspects of religion. There's definitely something there with the US vs Europe popularity.

    • Thanks for the link! Just finished watching it. Now THAT's what you call an adaptation! It's such a shame they had to cut it. When you say it was (rumoured to be) getting flak - I wonder if it was because the test audiences found it unsatisfying. But tbh the modified ending was even more so arrrgh

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