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User ID: #75352
Username: nairesmoon
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 3 Oct 2019, 12:02 pm
Registered: 10 Dec 2016, 6:42 pm

Profile description

my true home will always be TEP <3

by Graffiti
ariel ♢ sf, ca ♢ 15 ♢ libra ♢ ambivert ♢ she/her ♢ ravenclaw ♢ not a furry

time zone: pst (2 hours behind fv)

my art shop

i like dogs, memes, sparkles ✨✨✨ and sweets.
fave colors are pastels, red, pink, and grey.
i draw, dragon boat, and sing :)
a lot of my time is taken up by school so i apologize if i get back to your messages and pings a bit late. <3
feel free to chat with me anytime, i love learning new things and meeting new people =)
i also tend to use emoticons a lot, sorry.

other sites:
wajas #271267 & #275979
aywas #56269
cs cocobaby633
fr ezelia
da nairesmoon


space/time bubbles found here
]free profile css found here by various users, mainly satsuki

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    • Im sorry for no response in a while - I was really busy.
      Id like to cancel my ''order' because I am ridiculously broke right now and I wont be able to pay you.

    • You are welcome~ ^^

    • it's perfectly fine, thank you!

    • Srry bout that but yes I am still interested here's the link if u still need it

    • No problem! Have a wonderful holiday!

    • You are most welcome! <3 ~

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