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User ID: #75808
Username: Rotsuoy
Rank: Helper
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 1 Jun 2020, 8:13 am
Registered: 11 Dec 2016, 2:06 am

Profile description

Rotsuoy, Rotsy, Rotty, Rotsu, Momma, Big Momma, or Big Momma Wolf
Female-Agender, Gender Fluid; Pansexual; Polyamorus; Anxious; Tired; Artistic; INFP-T
She/her or they/them is fine, thanks!

If you are new to Furvilla, read this helpful guide that Christovski and I put together!

gif by Lumena_tan on twitter

If you need any help, the helpers are here for you!
Lance-C-Bones noll snowfallen Ivory sae Kirurik Buskuta Beaky

I hoard spiders. Spiders are good friends.

Villagers 45

Comments 188

    • thank you omg!!

    • Thanks for letting me know!

    • Thanks for the food purchases!! <3

    • Thanks!!

    • Thank you so much!!

    • I’m so glad he helps you out <3

    • Ack I love all of your villagers! Tybalt is probably my favorite ^^

    • Absolutely! <3 I'll send it in a trade~

    • I just have 2 more pets to go and they are a decorated and melted respectively. You can take the ones i sent <3

    • Hey! I really hope I’m not bothering you you, since this is totally a dumb thing to ask, but do you know the direct link to claim daily rewards, or how to get to the page? I forgot my inventory was full when I tried to claim the potion, and I know I could just wait until tomorrow, but it will constantly annoy me if one day is behind. Is that a dumb thing to ask? If this comment annoys you, I can delete it. ^^’

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