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User ID: #76152
Username: Soni
Gender: Female
Last Online: 21 Jun 2019, 1:29 pm
Registered: 11 Dec 2016, 11:48 am


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I am no longer active here -if you need me, please contact me on dA/Furaffinity (Soniartsy), Toyhou.se (Soni), or message me and I will eventually see and give you my discord/Steam/Battle.net. Deviantart is currently the best way to get my attention.
I keep coming back to messages asking me about commissions/painties/friend request and I am NOT active here.

Please do not send me random friend requests without talking to me prior, I will decline them, sorry!


Soni | Female | Artist | Asexual/Aromantic | Probably a bunch of cats in a trenchcoat pretending to be a person |
Same time zone as FV time!

Currently working on liquidating my account and leaving the game aspect of Furvilla! I'm still here and you will mostly find me prowling the art forums and the occasional random thread.

Find me at the links below or:
Ivan Cain @ Gaia Online (semi hiatus)
Soni @ Flight Rising (hiatus)/Dappervolk (semi-active)


Art by me!

Hey, I'm Soni and I'm a little socially anxious but I do love talking to nice people! I do art, play a lot of World of Warcraft and enjoy helping out where I can. If you need anything my crafter (Aspen), alchemist (Talivan) or tailor (Vesper) can make, just send me a PM~

You can find my commission info over here!

Top Animal Crossing style icons and forum avatar by Imoku !

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    • Frickle I thought I replied x_x;
      Anyway I hope you had a good halloween!! ;w; and ya, it's Imoku #6141 <33

    • ahh im glad you like it!!

    • Awesome! :D I've ... never actually played WoW. I'm a failure as a rpg nerd I guess. The reason why is because I know I'll love it and get hooked and I don't have the money to keep up with the subscription. xD; rip me.

    • Aaa yay!! I'm glad you're getting there :D I think the Furcadia crowd would adore your painted headshot icons because they can use them in-game as portraits (a 95x95 icon of your character which can be pixel or digital, and either remappable to your character's colours or nonremap - yours would be classed as digital and nonremap. I used to love making them). So if you feel like it you could also post them on Furcadia Art Zone's 'offering portrait art' forum here and you'll probably get some interest from players of the game. ^_^ but then again I don't really play anymore so I don't know how many people still buy port art ;w; it used to be super popular when I was playing tho! Just a suggestion. :3 either way I hope you manage to get to your goal soon!! ♡

    • No problem ! :)

    • No worries ;w; I'll bump now and again whenever I remember (as long as you have a slot free), just tell me to stop if it gets annoying ♡

    • Thank you for the tip, that was super kind of you <3

    • I don't have an FA and my DA has been inactive for over a year. but I have an art tumblr, my url there is Fukuiraptor <3

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