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User ID: #76349
Username: Emeraldheart
Gender: Female
Last Online: 6 Aug 2018, 4:12 pm
Registered: 11 Dec 2016, 3:25 pm

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~Olde Foxbury is home sweet home~
8-16-17 - Moved to Oceandome
10-1-17 - Moved to Dragonsmaw Manor
12-1-17 - Moved to Tigereye Peak
5-31-18 - Moved back to Olde Foxbury (skipped QP, whoops lol)

Hiya! I'm Emeraldheart, but you can call me Emerald or Em if that suits you. :) Artist, cat lover, and always willing to talk! I use emojis and "lol" as punctuation if I don't want to sound too formal, so sorry if I come off sounding like a 10 year old lol
Not a furry, but I love the game, the art, and the community here ^^

- Legend of Zelda - Star Wars - Warrior Cats - Pokemon - Steven Universe - Harry Potter
lots and lots actually so if you wanna talk about literally anything just hmu haha

Don't talk to me about cats unless you're pREPARED TO TALK TO ME ABOUT CATS ok

Melting Cinnamon Roll
- Too soft for this world, too emotional
- Barely holding it together
- ??????
- Still delicious tho ;)

Villagers 14

Comments 53

    • Thank you kindly for replacing my smashed jack o' lantern. (:

    • hello cinnamon roll. meet a sinnamon roll

    • Np ^^ was having a mass clear out today and felt generous as well .

      Had way too much candy points lol

    • Hahaha xD

    • ''asdljfla I read your username as "Jesus"''

      Damn right im Jesus!

    • Thank you for the gift, hun! <3

    • Neither. All villages have my equal disdain.

    • Thank you for the lovely portrait. I have hung it proudly upon my profile. For a Dragonsmaw manor citizen, I am very pleased by your handiwork.

    • Thank you so much for all the lanterns!!

    • Thank you for the candy! <33

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