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User ID: #77419
Username: EbonyBadger
Gender: Female
Last Online: 10 Dec 2017, 4:41 pm
Registered: 12 Dec 2016, 8:19 pm
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    • Happy Holidays! And thank you so so much for the snow dragon plush! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

    • Happy holidays :)

    • Thank you for the seeds.

    • You're welcome :)

    • Thank you for the purchase. ^^

    • Also I was literally JUST about to send you a friend request, you beat me to it :P

    • Aww thank you so much!!! That's super sweet and made my night :D

    • I do! How much would you like for it?

    • No problem, I'm super glad you liked it! I'm a plushie collector who sells all my spares, but it's expensive to collect plushies and I was running super low on FurCash, so I decided to try and sell cheap to get quick FurCash. You just saved my FC bank, so thanks a bunch for your purchase! I hope you have a wonderful day <3

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