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User ID: #77829
Username: Dogstar
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 18 Jul 2019, 1:34 pm
Registered: 13 Dec 2016, 12:39 pm


Profile description

• If I've sent you a friend request, I hit the wrong button on mobile and it was an accident.

Howdy! Welcome to my little corner of Furvilla! I do art occasionally, as well as a bit of writing.

• I used to be Diam0ndUn1c0rn! Thanks to everyone who helped me save up for the name change! I finally managed to achieve it on the 14th April 2019.

• Any pronouns go

• I call everyone dude regardless of actual gender. Please tell me if you would like me not to.

• Thanks you to all the anon fairies who've sent me a gift! I appreciate all of them!

Wishlists said:
These are things that I'll take at 1.5x the lowest stall value and at a higher priority; feel free to look!
Minipets said:
**I will take spotted peeps at 2x the lowest stall value**

Painties said:
Painties Uploaded

Rhan - Bubble Snubb - By Dogstar (Me)
Cabbage - Rogue Wickerbeast - By PrinceMochi
Cookie - Dutch Angel Dragon - PastelShadows

Painties Acquired

Cain - Demon - By Dogstar (Me)

Painties Needed

Coco - Griffin
Abaddon - Demon
Mr. Gray - Nster (Commissioned, in progress)
Lóngdeài - Eastern Dragon
Zwazo - Rito


Chibi paintie shop

Snubb Hotel (Closed species adopts): Closed species by me

My Toyhou.se


dtLyOVa.png tu4Noku.pngr8luo2v.pngYWvebfV.png
•Mad dragon boi, magically delicious unicorn, little japan dragon and dragon with an egg helmet by SNOWFLAKEthefurry

•I may have trouble reading things in a pale/bright colour or with some CSS coding

•I LOVE to rp, but at the moment I'm taking an indefinite hiatus, and I'll only be continuing a select few!

•Looking for art? Pm me and we can work something out!

• CSS by Reav

Villagers 14

Comments 14

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    • its a male, im mainly looking for FD, i need it for some visas i preordered

    • i have a powdered doghnasaur on ur WL

    • Then I challenge you to a roleplay!

    • Daang I adore adventure stuff. Especially if there's a bit of gore ^^
      I love detailed roleplay

      Do you RP with just your furvilla characters or with offsite characters too?

    • Heya, thanks for the nice comment on my signature ^^ I looove yours! By the way, I saw that you roleplay, and I rolelay too. What kind do you do?

    • Heya! Any chance you’re still open for paintie commissions (both chibi and normal)?

    • How do I make recipes? I bought one to try and help Blitz, they have frostbite, but how do I make the recipe?

    • You're most welcome ~

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