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    • Oh no! I hope you can get him litter trained!! Is he having issues with all litter training or just out of the cage litter training? Because my boy will poop in his litter box in the cage but when he is running around he plays in the litter box there and poops in different corners and it's like, srsly? He will literally be in the litter box and then walk out of it to go find somewhere else to poop. I need to make him realize its not there to play with. But hopefully your boy finally learns so you can get another cutie, omgosh!! And I feel the same about seeing animals in happy homes, its truly great when you know other animals are in good care~!
      I've wanted another ferret but my parents say no because of the smell rn > A > So I'mma just have to find a way to get them to say yes to another ferret XD

      Yay, thank you!! Rn I'm making GIFs of Chester doing cute things. He climbed up my mums legs today when he was out, I was shrieking!! It was just too cute, he wanted to see what was on the counter XD I find my boy makes the excited panting more than he dooks (Which actually makes me kinda sad because dooking ferrets are like, what I live for now.)
      Oh no, you gotta make him run around more LOL
      OH!! MY BOY DOES THE SAME THING! I was so surprised to see him just hanging out of his hammock and eating his food. > A > I moved his bowl despite how cute that was because I don't need him getting lazy, my cat is already the size of a whale, I don't need an over fed lazy ferret too xD

      Ah, I bet he'll love playing in the snow!! My parents have stopped me from bringing Chester into the snow.. They're worried it'd be too cold for him.. (They annoy me so much but I love them and respected their wishes) but I brought leave inside before it was snowing a few months ago so he could play in the leaves. Chester loved it. Does your boy play in leaves~? My boy loves the noise they make when they dry out and start to die > v < He dooks forever when he plays in dead leaves LOL

      Aww, is he afraid of animals in general?? Ooo, I bet your parakeet was a cutie~!
      I'm sure your dad will grow adjusted to the ferret after a bit, he'll be around for a long time after all, right? > v <
      Oh man, tarantulas are scary! But they look amazing! Hopefully some day you can have the chance to own rats and tarantulas! I've never owned a tarantula, but I can say for sure I think you'd love owning a rat! If you have an issue with animal balls though, stick to females. It may sound gross and seem weird but rat boys got such big balls, I was actually shocked when I picked my boy up at the pet shop, I nearly dropped him because the pet shop guy didn't warn me I'd be picking up like, 90% ballsac when I picked up my male rat LOL

      Your boy sounds just like my guy. I've been stuck on litter training and bite training with Chester because he's so hard headed. He know when he is doing bad things too. He knows the TV area is off limits yet he'll run under the cabinet and get me all worked up trying to get him out of there and then he'll dart off and hide so I can't scold him for his bad doings! >BC Ferrets are like children, I swear!
      Hopefully you do get some more time to train your boy though, especially litter wise! Ferret poop is so hard to clean up if they go in places that have lil crevices it can get into while cleaning it ono

    • Its good you take such good care of Bitty! I bet he's such a happy spoiled boy!! I try to take my boy out for around the same amount of hours each day too, though some days he gets a little less due to having too much to do in the day. But then we make up for our lack of attention by smoothering him on days we have nothing lined up. Plus he has the kitties who come in to say hello to him a lot. My cat thinks she is his mum and omg she always hovers! xD

      AH! I LOVE FERRET DOOKING NOISES!! If you ever do start posting videos I'd love to see theeeeeem!! Ferrets are too cute. Does your boy do this thing where when he gets SUPER excited he stops dooking and pants rlly rapidly (Not in a loss of breath type of way, but if someone was like, super surprised and happy and they can't control themselves or react) because he does that a lot when he gets under blankets and feels us playing with him over top of the sheets XD
      I can't wait to see what my boy will look like when he is fully grown. He is halfway there > v <

      It sucks your family was kinda against you wanting other pets o n o I know when it came to my ratties I had to beg and whine for 3 yrs about them before I finally got them. If it wasn't for them dying in such short time spans I would have gone with more rats. But my parents said no because they got super attached too and losing them so soon was really hard on us all.

      Yes, they were well loved!! Dexter knew how to jump to me on command from any platform and Dipper.... Well... Dipper was cute. LOL He was a bad boy, he hated listening to dad >BC But he would hurry to get to me if he saw I had his honey drop treats he loved so much. Then dad was important to him. xD

    • !! This is weird but I took your "seems sweet and bubbly" comment in a really positive way so thank you for making me feel good about myself :o! Also weird, I saw in your sig that you're an aries, I am too, and lately I've been hearing that we're supposedly always angry? Do you get angry a lot, because I'm not quite believing it c':

    • Dang, that's a long time O: Its good you finally were able to get one and yours looks so happy with you too!! Aaaah, they're so cute as babies!! It shocked me how small my boy was when I got him in October! I was expecting something bigger, even for a baby. Since my aunts ferrets were so big (I never saw them as babies but it was my aunt owning them that made me think of a ferret for a new pet when my poor lil ratty boys passed away).

      Your boy looks like a darker version of mine, it's so cute o3o If they were put together they'd look like a little yingyang symbol~

    • I do~! I love ferrets now that I've had the chance to own my own o3o
      I wanna boop that little dark nose T u T
      My boy is named Chester! I def named him after Chester McBadBat from Timmy Turner, no shame!

    • You can't just say you own a ferret and not offer pictures >BU
      May I see your ferret~? ouo

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