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Username: Kaoru
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 12 Sep 2018, 9:46 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:41 pm

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Kaoru + he/they + 16
Flight Rising

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    • I would die for Atlus honestly

    • Beautiful and also 110% accurate.
      Junpei's Coldsteel the Hedgeheg kin confirmed confirmed

    • it'S TRUE THO someone pls get him black+red hair dye and a gun so he can finally become shadow the edgehog

    • YEA I've played every Persona game. I started my FeMC file which I haven't played much of 'cause I'm lazy but I've played all of FES on my PS3

    • IKR hes so precious i want to cook meat for him...although i cant cook 4 my life. Agreed with Ra*bits! they remind me of small kids and it honestly scares me.. My worst boy is also Tori, hes rlly annoying & spoilt and i hate that he cries if you choose the wrong option :/ and im also not a fan of Hokuto.
      Wow it's late for you ;o; it's only 3:18pm here. I have a kik: edgypotato
      yeah this site is really laggy

    • My first 5* was that radio Makoto. He's def not my best boy but it's a 5 star sooo... I dont mind Keito, i like his singing voice haha. Tori on the other hand... is a no. My best boys are Kanata, Shinobu and Adonis :D
      Omg that sucks D: ! I did that scout too (only 1 10 scout though) and i got the 3 star Adonis & Rei but...no Kaoru or Koga

    • ahhhh that Hydrangea rei was so pretty...I'm sorry you didn't get him D: I tried to get him by solo yolo'ing 4 times...not a smart move. This is my account, i first got it when that starry night event was happening http://imgur.com/xoqaFd8 . I wish i had more 5* ....

    • Does Rei ever come home for u?? ...my best boys never come home and i have 0 luck all the time. i just keep hoping that one day luck will be on my side D'': (i doubt it)

    • Oh how i love 2 suffer!! enstars is so painful sometimes i want to delete it but...i love my boys too much

    • OMG HI THERE!! it's so nice to find another enstars fan ;;u;;;

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