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Registered: 14 Dec 2016, 4:17 pm

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im never on >/\<

free to hit me up for a conversation anytime~

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    • Ah thank you so much!<3

    • Yeah. 'sassybirb' is more grammatically correct but 'sassi' looks better to me >w>
      And thank you!! I love them all and slowly am getting more painties it's so exciting :0c

    • turned*

    • A burger is more family friendly. You have a nice warm hit of flavor. Im a meat fanatic too but steaks could be seen as just a slaugtering and burning of cows. With a burger you take a cow and you mix it with a ton of ingrediants. that way more people could enjoy the cow rather than it being tienes into pure meat

    • YesMan and what does lettuer, tomatoes, buns and pickles have to do with cows huh? when ya look at a steak it's just alllll that juicy cow. add a toothpick with a cow picture on top and it'll be appealing as well

    • Steaks do taste great but they dont have the appeal burgers does. I mean Burgers have pickles cheese lettuce tomatoe and buns. Think asethetics.

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