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User ID: #78727
Username: Seraphima
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 14 Dec 2016, 11:50 pm
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" I spilled all my emotions tonight I'm sorry"
- Drake





Im here to enjoy the game, it is fun and has wonderful graphics :) I dont send friend requests anymore, and Im not as active on the forums. If you'd like to be friends send me a request first, or PM me to talk. Thanks! <3

I am an anon fairy, but you shall never know which one ;D

Member of Acclivius 's Guild of Kindness! Proud to do good deeds for the users of Furvilla <3

Villagers 11

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    • Thanks! I've been meaning to redo some parts of my profile's CSS but… So lazy. -o-

    • thanks :D

    • thank you so much~!

    • Thank youuuu! I actually AM breeding Kitsunes and Kritties, and I'm trying to collect all the bugs, and I hadn't gotten EITHER of the Stag Ladybirds! All gifts very appreciated :D

    • n.n Aw thank you I love yours as well!

    • Guppy is now mastering the last DMM Recipe, so you dont need to worry about providing stuff for my villagers. Take care of your own >< If you do need help with any recipes for your villagers, hmu with a PM and you'll have it - 100% potency!

    • CARROT OMG Just when I returned to you the Potion, guess what |D One of my new villagers caught Sun Allergy ahhhahh

    • Thank you!

    • hi! :3 if you wanna chat feel free to pm me!

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