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Username: Seraphima
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 14 Dec 2016, 11:50 pm
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" I spilled all my emotions tonight I'm sorry"
- Drake





Im here to enjoy the game, it is fun and has wonderful graphics :) I dont send friend requests anymore, and Im not as active on the forums. If you'd like to be friends send me a request first, or PM me to talk. Thanks! <3

I am an anon fairy, but you shall never know which one ;D

Member of Acclivius 's Guild of Kindness! Proud to do good deeds for the users of Furvilla <3

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    • Hmmm.. Try this! ;3

      Promise there aren't any viruses or whatnot. I'm pretty sure this is the one I tried out a year or so ago.

    • Oh, really? I've only ever seen people talking about the "free version" of Paint Tool SAI. Like, I'm pretty sure you can find a free download somewhere.. o.o

    • I'll have to look at that program then! That sounds awesome for free. Maybe even better than Paint Tool SAI. xD

    • Whoa, never heard of that one! o.o Sounds great, if it lets you color the bases!

      And yeah, go for it! <3

    • Aw, but I'd love to see! Can you post it somewhere else? xD
      Ah, well, for the past two years or so I've been using Clip Studio Paint (used to be called Manga Studio) - I got it for like 15 bucks while it was on sale, and it goes on sale soooo often. It's a great program! Wonderful alternative if you can't afford Photoshop. :3 But I also use Photoshop CS4 sometimes for editing. What about you?

    • Yeah~ xD I'd love to use a paintie on one but I actually have no idea how I'd color it. But we will see~

    • Right, sadly only 3. ;__; But I do like the gray one, so that's what I'm hopin' for~!

    • That's awesome! I totally forgot that Manokits were a thing. I'm hoping to get a Dutch Angel Dragon soon, just because - need more fluff! xD

    • Eeee thank you~!!
      And I didn't realize you have a manokit?! She's so cute! How did you get it? ;o;

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