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Username: Jenzia
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 15 Dec 2016, 3:11 pm

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The reason I price the OD recipes, Barnicle Sword and Reef Shield so cheap is for the people that do the quests. Quests are expensive so I'm just trying to help them, not take advantage of them..

OD is my original home. I may venture off for seeds but I'll always be return to my Home Sweet Home... OD.

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    • Thanks for the purchase!

    • Aw, Tysm!

    • Thanks for the purchases!

    • Thank you for the gift! ^-^

  • Comment has been hidden

    • thank you for recommendation about shield and i will save it for my warriors (,,^-^,,)

    • You're welcome! I'm not. I just like to fill up the tree at times. Someone may need the items more then I do.

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