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User ID: #79548
Username: Dakota_Skullwolf
Last Online: 10 Dec 2018, 1:39 am
Registered: 17 Dec 2016, 1:01 am


Profile description

Fluffy Disappointment
Main --> Dakota
Candy Blu
Ocean Chord

~Gemini • May 27 • Artist • Friend Requests Welcome.~
demigirl_by_hoof_and_paw_studios-dcma8gv 1_by_hoof_and_paw_studios-dcmb0js.png labrys_by_hoof_and_paw_studios-dcma8fi.p
By 'Any Pronouns' I mean any he, she, and they pronouns. please don't use anything except those.
I default to using They/Them pronouns for everyone else, I will not use Ae, Fae, Xe, Etc. I'm sorry if this offends you in whatever way but these things make me incredibly uncomfortable.

da_by_hoof_and_paw_studios-dcg6j4q.png th_by_hoof_and_paw_studios-dcg66dp.png rb_by_hoof_and_paw_studios-dcg6j4b.png kofi_by_hoof_and_paw_studios-dcg65al.png
Dakotas Paintie Shop (FD, FC, Items)
Pixel Pride Hearts

All painties are made by me unless stated otherwise.
Most of my Villager's profiles are WIP.
Pixel stuff by Myself.

Wishlist said:
641-paintie-ticket.png 1583-paintie-three-pack.png 1584-paintie-five-pack.png 1585-paintie-ten-pack.png 3353-galactic-shifty-morphing-potion.png 3466-primordial-shifty-morphing-potion.p
3878-magic-okapi-saggitari-sticker.png3870-magic-honduran-white-bat-sticker.pn 3872-magic-holstein-cow-sticker.png 3874-magic-baby-crocodile-sticker.png 2367-magic-lion-sticker.png 2365-magic-snow-leopard-sticker.png 2361-magic-husky-sticker.png 2351-magic-fallow-deer-sticker.png 2385-magic-skull-wickerbeast-sticker.png 2363-magic-spotted-hyena-sticker.png 2379-magic-ball-python-sticker.png 2383-magic-tiger-sticker.png 2355-magic-bay-dutch-angel-dragon-sticke 2369-magic-blue-tang-manokit-sticker.png
1723-worker-slot-totem.png 1687-gala-suit.png 3189-fu-plushie.png3278-loki-plushie.png 3138-aries-zodiac-plushie.png 3234-taurus-zodiac-plushie.png 3426-cancer-zodiac-plush.png 3472-leo-zodiac-plushie.png 3552-virgo-zodiac-plushie.png3691-libra-zodiac-plushie.png 3752-scorpio-zodiac-plushie.png 3989-sagittarius-zodiac-plushie.png 2975-capricorn-zodiac-plushie.png 3007-pisces-zodiac-plushie.png 3178-bird-statue-of-importance.png 2992-mischievous-fh-plushie.png 3276-manic-plush.png 3084-alchemists-pal.png 3107-a-foxy-friend.png 3110-a-cloudy-friend.png 3108-a-spoopy-friend.png 2593-collectible-knarr.png
2894-black-rose-gembound-plush.png 1020-midnight-shifty-plush.png 1695-robed-corvid-plush.png 1693-quetzalcoatl-snake-plush.png 1705-stormy-moth-plush.png 1699-feathered-dragon-plush.png 2629-sea-monster-lizard-plush.png 2220-noble-bear-plush.png 2218-innkeeper-horse-plush.png 1697-elegant-deer-plush.png 2216-peasant-rodent-plush.png 2628-beach-fun-hyena-plush.png 1701-dressy-mustelid-plush.png 2627-octopus-horse-plush.png 2623-viking-corvid-plush.png
1724-magical-sweeticorn.png 1681-serpents-egg.png 1570-sewn-manatee.png 3009-summer-platyfae.png 2857-chilly-felilidae.png 2489-rose-breasted-cockatiel.png 3562-loch-dobhar-chu.png 3755-candy-corn-faegon.png 3764-fiendish-imp.png 3765-aurora-imp.png 455-blue-doge.png 1641-feathered-rapti.png 2598-prisma-pegasus.png 3563-miren-dobhar-chu.png 1795-blazing-firecat.png 403-candycorn-bat.png 405-striped-catbat.png 2095-storm-thundercat.png 327-dual-winged-butterfly.png 1156-blue-sugar-glider.png 3147-star-magic-pygmy-goat.png

Paintie Reminders

• Kibble. Not Started.
• Sugar. Not Started.
• Zalmil. Not Started.
• Pip. Not Started.
• Emery. Finished, Awaiting Submission.
• Pen. Not Started.
• Sebastian. Not Started.
• Alys. Not Started.
• Mani. Not Started.
• Tea. Not Started.
• Chase. Not Started.
• Ace. Not Started.
• Semi. Not Started.
• Dragonfly. Not Started.
• Athena. Not Started.
• Lavender. Purchased - Awaiting Submission.
• Pebbles. Not Started.
• Ocean Chord. Not Started.
• Toffee. Not Started.
• Vinnie Feathers. Not Started.
• Lexus. Not Started.
• Rose. Not Started.
• Jishyl. Not Started.
• Sea Salt. Not Started.
• Triton. Not Started.
• Baltic. Not Started.
• Snowflake. Not Started.
• Como. Not Started.
• Riva. Not Started.
• Thresher. Not Started.
• Gizmo Bolt, Electric Harmony, Sweet Treats, Prism Heart, Crystal Quartz. Not Started.
• Foofer. Not Started.
• Cerci. Not Started.
• Mafia. Not Started.
• Locket. Not Started.
• Remix. Not Started.
• Pearl. Not Started.
• Cronus. Not Started.
• Zac. Not Started.
• Thistle. Not Started.
• Spark. Not Started.
• Bea. Not Started.
• Neapolitan. Not Started.
• Vanilla. Not Started.
• Cobalt. Not Started.

Villagers Needed

• Thresher, Ghost Shark
• Gizmo Bolt, Electric Harmony, Sweet Treats, Prism Heart, Crystal Quartz. Shifty.
• Foofer. Fluffy Snake.
• Cerci. Gembound.
• Mafia. Dutch AD.
• Locket. Dutch AD.
• Remix, Cheshire Big Cat
• Pearl, Cryptid Deer
• Cronus, Demon Snake
• Zac, Mad Doctor Hyena
• Thistle, Pumpkin Dutch Angel Dragon
• Spark, Shadow Crocodile
• Bea, Skelemoo Bovine
• Neapolitan, Slime Bat
• Vanilla, Spell Caster Saggitari
• Cobalt, Trick or Treat Otter

Costumes said:
Costume Species Quantity
Angelic Canine, Fox, Dragon, Cat, Horse, Rabbit, Gryphon, Bear, Dutch AD, Gembound 0/10
Aquatic Canine, Fox, Dragon, Cat, Horse, Rabbit, Leodon, Saggitari, Gembound 0/9
Beast Canine, Fox, Dragon, Cat, Horse, Rabbit, Manokit 0/7
Diver Canine, Fox, Dragon, Cat, Horse, Rabbit 1/6
Fairy Canine, Fox, Dragon, Cat, Horse, Rabbit, Skunk, Dutch AD 0/8
Fluffy Canine, Fox, Dragon, Cat, Horse, Rabbit, Big cat, Deer, Snake, Dutch AD, Gembound, Snuffle 0/12
Galaxy Canine, Fox, Dragon, Cat, Horse, Rabbit, Snake, Wickerbeast 8/8
Mythic Canine, Fox, Dragon, Cat, Horse, Rabbit, Deer 0/7
Pirate Canine, Fox, Dragon, Cat, Horse, Rabbit, Manokit 0/7
Reaper Canine, Fox, Dragon, Cat, Horse, Rabbit 0/6
Royal Canine, Fox, Dragon, Cat, Horse, Rabbit, Gembound, Alligator 0/8
Sorcerer Canine, Fox, Dragon, Cat, Horse, Rabbit, Gem raptor 0/7
Spooky Canine, Fox, Dragon, Cat, Horse, Rabbit, Bat 0/7
Steampunk Canine, Fox, Dragon, Cat, Horse, Rabbit 0/6
Warrior Canine, Fox, Dragon, Cat, Horse, Rabbit, Rodent 0/7

When I finally hit my goals, I will have 172 villagers

Villagers 42

Comments 52

    • Thank you soo much for the gift basket! I was given a Bee potion by another person, so no need to worry about that. Your give is truly kind, and I am very grateful!

    • Oh, I didn't even notice it wasn't highlighted anymore, but thank you for pointing it out! I'll change it now! ^^

    • Hey! I just wanted to boop over and let you know, the vista looks off because your icon isn't an exact 100x100. :P In case you were wondering later on. lol

    • thank you!

    • Thanks for reminding me I needed the Aquamarine Goblet and Statue. I had forgotten! I also save one of each for my gallery. That thing sure is expensive!

    • Palm. Apply directly to the forehead.

    • No you're fine I'm just trying to get this out of my HEAD

      but yeah you could call it a meme? I think?

    • HeadOn ™ Apply directly to the forehead
      I think I had a mentail break making this CSS

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