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User ID: #81311
Username: veemo
Rank: Helper
Gender: Demiboy
Last Online: 26 Sep 2020, 1:08 am
Registered: 21 Dec 2016, 4:16 am

Profile description

【 Veemo ¦ 22 ¦ he/they 】
【 demiboy ¦ bi/ace 】
i used to be snowfallen! username changed 8/12/2020


any and all dragon plushes/stickers/stones
any and all red panda plushes/stickers/stones
any and all fox plushes/stickers/stones
art of Jacob
art of Valentine
art of Fraxinus
Tailgatescutebooty is my best friend/moirail and i love her a lot!!!!! ♦
Skysong is one of my best friends ♥
Angelsyx is my mom so please be kind to her! thank you!!
( css by crovilla )
( villager icon shake css by noll )
( logo + profile art by Tailgatescutebooty )
( agent 8 image + profile background by nintendo )
( forum icon by PastelShadows )
( forum gif from splatoon 2 )
( custom vistas by respective creators )
( current vista by atilla )

i knew it

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Comments 405

    • *legit just saw that you used to be 2B and I totally think you are really cool because you seem to be in similar fandoms as me*

    • Awesome! I reset for a jolly zeraora and already got it to lv 100

    • Ah, I see. It was @/Steambrigade who last had her, I believe? Well, if you ever do add something to Duchess and willing to sell her, I'd love to buy that beauty off of you. But perhaps maybe you'd still be willing to sell some of your other paintied villagers? Aestus, Anubis and Reus are all lovely. (let me know if you'd rather discuss this in pm, I'd hate to clog up your profile ^^')

    • Heyyy, is the tentative character sales thread still open? I'd love to offer on/buy Riley or Child (I have 2500FD/FR gems and a loving home to spare) or even some of your FV villagers (especially Duchess because I can't stop looking at her).

    • I'm new and confused about how events work and is there currently one going on?

    • i really like youre page,, its so pretty!!

      i like the addon of the icons shaking when you hover over them aswell!! ♡

    • Kankri?? More like Dankri ayy B^))

    • holy heck I love your name yes
      :33 < hi, kankri! doing well? love the villagers!

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